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Kirklin Soh, LLP

Houston Personal Injury Lawyers

Our firm has provided high quality, aggressive legal representation to clients throughout the Houston area since 1981. Kirklin Soh, LLP has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our injured clients and their families. We understand the importance of the outcome to the injured; their future health can be determined by the amount of compensation they recover. The injured victim should have access and the finances to pay for future medical treatments that are discovered and released. Their loss of potential earning capacity must be addressed. All aspects of the case should be fully evaluated by our legal team to determine our best course of action.

Our legal team assists clients in all types of serious injury cases, including personal injury claims related to car accidents, truck accidents, refinery accidents, premises liability, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death. Whether your injury case is regarding workplace accidents, slip and fall, animal attacks, or other serious injury case, we will aggressively pursue compensation for our clients.

Compensation Obtained for Clients

Specific settlements or verdicts include:

  • $2.3 million - Property Damage/Explosion
  • $1.6 million - Automobile Defects/Death
  • $1.5 million - Car Wreck/Spinal Injury
  • $3.6 million - Medical Malpractice/Brain Injury
  • $2.0 million - Medical Malpractice/Loss of Leg
Have you suffered an injury or illness due to a pharmaceutical drug?

Knowing you have high quality and proven legal representation is critical in such cases; this is not the time to select an attorney who is just entering the field of injury law. There is no substitute for experience in such cases, and trial law and case preparation will have much to do with the eventual outcome in a catastrophic injury case. We have successfully sought and recovered multi-million dollar settlements in numerous cases throughout our years in practice, and we can fight for you as well.

Unsafe Drug and Medical Injury Claims and Lawsuits

The team at Kirklin Soh, LLP is available to provide thorough, one-on-one legal help to individuals who have suffered from unsafe drugs and medical injuries. We can assist you with filing a claim or lawsuit for injuries caused by such drugs or devices as:

We are dedicated to providing service that is designed to obtain results for our clients, no matter the circumstances of their situation. Whether they have suffered minor damage from a drug, or have sustained serious illness or injury, our goal is to provide them with the strongest chance of a favorable outcome in their case. If you have been victimized by the dangerous side effects of a prescription or over-the-counter drug, do not delay in calling our offices right away. We will review your situation in detail in order to provide you with help that is optimized to possibly secure the compensation you are rightfully owed.

Business Litigation

Our firm has been dedicated to providing knowledgeable legal counsel to those in need of business litigation services as well as other company related actions, including breach of contract, business dissolutions, fraud, business torts, contract disputes, employment litigation, partnership disputes, and business collections. With over 25 years of experience, we have an excellent reputation in the community, successfully settling business torts for our clients. We have obtained settlements in favor of our clients valued in the millions of dollars and provide excellent customer service.

With clients such as ARCO, Ford Motor Co. and Wells Fargo entrusting their business litigation matters to our firm, you can feel confident that we will understand your specific legal issue and will determine the best legal action to take in resolving it. When you are facing volatile business matters that need immediate attention, our legal team is ready to bring you the expertise you need. Whether entertaining the creation of a new business entity or attempting to dissolve an existing company, our firm has the knowledge to cost effectively resolve the matter for you.

Houston Offshore Injury Attorneys

We are dedicated to serving those who have suffered injury in offshore injury cases, including but not limited to cases involving workers injured on offshore drilling rigs, by dangerous equipment, machinery malfunction, slip & fall on deck, fatal injuries & accidents, explosions & fires, men caught in machinery, men hit by moving parts, Jones Act, maritime torts, and resolving Workers' Compensation claims related to offshore cases.

Our firm has the skills, dedication and proven record you need in any serious injury case related to the oil business or maritime law cases. We have years of experience and many multi-million dollar injury cases settled on behalf of our injured clients. When families lose a loved one in an offshore drilling rig, a wrongful death case can be brought to seek to recover damages on behalf of the close relatives.

In any injury case related to offshore drilling or related industries, the case can be extremely complex and will likely be defended by a high-powered corporate defense lawyer. Our firm's Houston offshore injury lawyers have much experience in that arena, having served as defense counsel for several multi-national corporations, and there is no attorney that we are not willing to go toe-to-toe with in court on behalf of our clients. We are aggressive, dedicated and committed to seeking the maximum compensation possible under law for our clients.

Defective Products and Product Liability

If you have been harmed by the negligence of a defective manufacturer, you deserve generous compensation for your suffering and financial losses. We are prepared to assist clients suffering from all manufacturer negligence by assisting them with filing product liability claims. These include food products and containers, childcare products and toys, and all-terrain vehicles (ATV's).

We maintain claims based on failures of design, manufacturing or marketing. An example of design defect is an ATV that has been manufactured to be top heavy and subject to rollover. A manufacturing defect example is a can of food contaminated by bacteria or a particular car with a defective ignition system. A marketing defect is usually based on a failure to warn. As many products are now manufactured overseas, where certain controls may be less stringent, the incidence of injury from commercial products is increased. The legal team at the firm relentlessly pursues maximum compensation for clients and their families in cases of injury, illness or death.

Contact a Houston litigation lawyer today!

Our legal team has been providing high quality legal representation to our valued clients for more than 30 years, and we can represent you with excellence. We are a committed team of attorneys with many high value settlements, in the tens of millions of dollars in past cases. Our firm is dedicated to providing the attentive counsel and powerful advocacy needed to effectively represent our clients' rights and interests, and we will always treat you with the personal attention and respect you deserve. Contact Kirklin Soh, LLP today to discuss your case and to learn how our proven services can benefit your situation!

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